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Thursday, 24 November 2011 | 0 narnians

the awkward things that i'm really hate damn much :

- i'm the one who have to pull the flush after it's been used by foolish
- i queue up with full of patient suddenly an idiot cut off
- wearing my shirt without my permission is an offense
- make fool of me like i'm not around , but i just next to you . like i have no feelings ? i do dolls ? like you always right ? : GO DIE
- i just bought a bottle of water and drink a little suddenly someone grab and finished it
- i'm starvinggggg , and someone eating in front of me and make nothing with me
- PRANK CALL! i hate when someone make a prank call toward me . but i did it when i'm completely bored sometime . hehe
- when my phone have a lot of credit , it doesn't ringing . but when my credit run out , it's rings with a very noisy
-facebook , tagged , unknown foolish buzz you and start your conversation with " hai sayang . sombong "
or " hhyeww , uad perwwxzvc thuux . chehadtxwr ?" - am i used to understand you ? haha ..